If you need space to be calm, to talk, to be emotional, to regroup or to regain your strength then Goddess Counselling is for you.

I offer a safe space without judgement, time out from daily life and a chance to nourish which areas to want to grow in, and to weed the areas that are detrimental to you.

I specialise in counselling with people who live or want to live a spiritual life.

Due to my psychiatric background I am also comfortable providing supportive counselling for those who have been diagnosed with a severe mental illness.

I have experience with those who have experienced trauma, grief, caring for others or have been diagnosed with a serious illness such as cancer.

All genders are welcome. All religions welcome. People with disability are welcome.

I work in a face to face setting, by video, telephone or out in nature.

I am a fully registered member of the British Association or Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

Each session is for one hour and is £45

Magickal Work

I regularly teach courses and work one to one with those who are keen to learn about various aspects of magickal working.

This includes tarot, ritual, working with nature and western esotericism. I specialise in lunar magick – working specifically with the moon – using metaphor, astral journeying and shamanic techniques.

I am a founder member of the Crucible Club and co-creator of the Order of the Everlasting Day.

I have taught nurses, doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, ecotherapists and many other people. I am available for training those who wish to work more magickally in their chosen field.

The amount payable varies according to the time and the task so please email and we can discuss it. Generally an hour is around £45, half day £199 and full day £300 depending on the number of participants.

Holistic Therapy

I am trained in a number of holistic therapies including aromatherapy, reiki, swiss reflex treatments and bodyspin. I have worked with tarot cards for around 25 years.

I run relaxation sessions using visualisation and mindfulness techniques.

It is £35 for tarot, relaxation or reiki, which last around 40min or an hour for £45.

It is £60 for a one hour aromatherapy or swiss reflex treatment.

If 3 or more sessions are booked together and paid in advance I apply a 10% discount. I also offer a discount to anyone allied with the Glastonbury Goddess Temple or Andrew Jackson Personal Trainer.