I am a belly dancing former psychiatrist. I blend shamanism, witchery and tarot with conventional counselling. I live, practice and mentor western esotericism.

I went to medical school, aged 18 and qualified in my early 20s. After working in medicine, surgery and general practice, I went on to further training in psychiatry.

I specialised in forensic services – caring for offenders with severe mental illness. I left psychiatry feeling somewhat disillusioned about conventional western medicine.

I had always spent time with my grandmother, whom we called Nana Betty. She taught me how to have a relationship with nature and pagan beliefs. We conduction ritual, magick, tarot and reiki healing together. Whilst studying medicine, I had forgotten this side of myself.

I rediscovered it and developed it from my late 20s to the present time. I learned shamanic practice at Lendrick Lodge and counselling at the Tariki Trust, which has a Buddhist underpinning.

I practise a blend of ritual magick and shamanism, alone and in groups, live magickally and work especially with the lunar cycle. I co-founded the Order of the Everlasting day and mentor the Western Esoteric Initiatory System (WEIS) within that organisation. I am a founder member of the Crucible Club.

I have a personal history of mental health difficulties due to childhood trauma. My long journey with flashbacks, nightmares and excessive alertness inform my current work. I therefore have an understanding from a client perspective in addition to a professional one.

Along the way, I have used magick, ritual, tarot and counselling to improve my own health. In turn, I help others to find their uniqueness using this approach.

I use the metaphor of an inner flame to describe the person inside that burns to express themselves more freely, without judgement.