Goddess Counselling

Goddess Counselling is a space where you can feel safe and heard. It is a space to take a rest from the world and reassess how your values align with your life. It is a counselling service with a spiritual underpinning that allows you to bring your full self into the room, unapologetically. It is a place for you to make peace with the past, to free your inner flame and to burn brighter than ever before.



“Charlotte was completely mind blowing. She was able to connect with me instantly, understand and offer techniques that would help me not only to start rebuilding my family through the grief but also to cover everything in my past that had caused me physiological damage without knowing because I hadn’t dealt with it.”


“I feel that Charlotte and I were very tuned in together as we shared some similar interests like mindfulness and relaxation techniques. Having a common interest in the tarot cards.”


“One thing I liked was her professionalism throughout yet remaining to be able connect in a way you can only normally do with your closest friends making opening up about things easy, comfortable and most importantly without judgement.”


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In addition to counselling, I offer workshops using myth, tarot and shamanic techniques for personal development. I train other professionals on how to integrate a spiritual creative element into their work, both face to face and online. I regularly design individual rituals and nature practices for personal use.

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