Wand Making

I make wands using wood that I find on nature walks. I find the process very meditative. This is a picture of one of my wands being used by its new owner at Castlerigg stone circle. It is for an occultist with a gentle nature. It has a time charm for anchoring to the present moment and black string for grounding

Wand making

A wand made for a rebellious woman who doe not take rubbish from anyone. Roses for the sweeheart in her that only the closest get to see. It has a compass charm to guide her through the storms in life and remind her of the safe havens. I like to learn something of the person who will use it, so that I can intuit the type of wand they may need.

Easter Labyrinth

I made this little labyrinth out of stones at the foot of a very tall tree in the Lake District.

It was a beautiful clear, cold day at the turn of the season.

I felt very close to the tree, very intimately in relationship, which left me feeling calm and peaceful.

I made the labyrinth to mark this interaction.

Close up

This is a close up of the tree that the labyrinth was made for.

The closer picture shows how it feels to be standing small at the foot of this majestic being, looking up in awe


The full tree

This a picture of the tree from further away, so you can see the entire height.

It was a lovely walk amongst these denizens of the earth.

All the plants, flower, birds and branches were showing signs of new, spring life after the quiet winter.




Lunar Time

Lunar time and liminal space

This photo was taken by me just after dusk in the liminal space between dark and light.

It is a magickal time of day where everything is in transition. The bats come out, the birds sing their bedtime chorus, it is cooler than the day and the light is blue.

In addition to being a perfect time for magickal acts, it is also a perfect metaphor for personal change and transition. The moon changes her phase but not her core.


Lovely tree at Bradgate Park



Sketching for pleasure and to improve observation. A mindful activity in nature.



The same tree, but now as a painting. I feel like know the tree intimately now.